Why Choose Homeopathy?

  • Because it works!
  • It’s non-toxic, gentle and effective
  • It’s easy to use – no big pills to swallow or stomach upset
  • You can use it alongside any medications you may already take
  • You have personal concerns about the safety and side-effects of using conventional drugs
  • Because you can use it safely even during pregnancy or while nursing
  • You don’t want to take more drugs to counter the drugs you already take
  • Because your care provider told you, “It’s all in your head!” but you know something isn’t right
  • You have a different definition of healing
  • You’ve been told there is no treatment for your condition
  • Despite receiving treatment, you’re still sick (or worse than before!)
  • Because you’re tired of “masking” symptoms
  • You feel most comfortable using holistic approaches in your own care

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