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I am a Certified Professional Homeopath and graduate of Colorado’s Homeopathy School International, an accredited school in Loveland, CO (formerly Colorado Classical Institute for Homeopathy in Boulder). I practice classical homeopathy;  I also am certified in Bach Flower Remedies – Level 1 and working to complete my Level 2 certification. My goal as a homeopath and wellness practitioner is to help you achieve optimal health and assist you with personal health goals.

I live in Tucson and Colorado Springs with my husband, Erik. Together, we feel super blessed to live in some of the prettiest places on the planet with mountains all around us!

My hobbies include: golfing, hiking, biking, skiing, paddle boarding, travel, and learning the many ways the body heals naturally, when supported properly.

Homeopathy has been integral in keeping me active in the hobbies I love, despite some bone/joint issues and a major medical concern. In fact, homeopathy is the main reason I retired from my 30-year career as a professional writer and editor to pursue a second career in homeopathy.  My quality of life, mental health, and overall resiliency has improved dramatically because of the care I receive using homeopathy.

The more I study the human body and healing, the more I am convinced that the body, mind and spirit/soul are all undeniably connected in healing. Each part has a powerful role in the cooperative health and well-being of a person. It’s the essence of our purposeful and intelligent design.

As I honor this process, I commit to you that I will approach you as a unique expression of life.  To see you only as a disease, diagnosis, or symptom is not only shortsighted, it discounts the utter brilliance of your existence and the body’s ability to heal.

Restoring health not only involves symptom alleviation, it also opens the door for you to experience a sense of vitality, resilience, and inspiration.

Therefore, I will address your care using a full-person approach (mind, body and soul).  Each homeopathic remedy is selected specifically for you and your unique constitution. After all, no two people are alike. So, why consider a “one-size-fits-all” approach to your health?

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